What is Coconut Arrack?

Arrack is a broad and diverse category of alcohol beverages typically produced in South and South East Asia and produced from a wide variety of ingredients depending upon the country of origin.

Coconut arrack, however, is a rare spirit. Traditionally produced only in Sri Lanka, coconut arrack is distilled from the naturally-fermented nectar of coconut flowers – not the coconut fruit as the name might imply. In fact, most coconut arracks contain no trace of coconut flavor. The clear spirit may be blended, aged in barrels of native wood (Teak or Halmilla), or repeatedly distilled depending upon the taste and color objectives of the manufacturer.

Coconut arrack should not be confused with Batavia Arrack (produced from molasses and red rice), palm arrack (produced from the sap of common palm trees) or the broader class of araks (flavored with aniseed to resemble licorice).

Join us for a closer examination of this wonderful spirit that predates almost every new world spirit including scotch, whiskey, gin and even vodka.

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